Monday, July 7, 2008

Hume N Beans (Ponderosa)

I am sorry for being remiss in my posting but it is summer time. This summer I am running both Hume N Beans. It has been really fun! All of the girls who work for me are amazing and I have been increadibly blessed with good attitudes and willing hearts. In this blog I am just going to tell you about the Ponderosa Hume N Beans girls. We will save the Meadow girls for another day.

This is Kellie and she is crazy!

This is Jocey. She is the lead and she is the coolest ever!

This is Mandy. She LOVES brooms!

This is Sheryl. She is our resident mom and she is fantastic!

Welp, thats them. You can see by these pictures how serious and dedicated they are to the service they provide.