Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This semester I am taking Intro to Lit. I really like this class (because it is an English class!) and Mrs. Voss is the best teacher at this school so it is rockin! Over the past several weeks we have been discussing poetry and in class on Monday Mrs. Voss had us each write a poem. I have never written poetry before and I was not excited to start but I had to do it. I was having trouble thinking of a topic and as I sat considering different ideas my hair fell in front of my eyes (as it often does) and I suddenly had my topic. Here is my poem...

These tresses of mine in varying shades of red
Are far removed from my families head.
Brown like the dirt and trees that surround them,
Their hair and eyes are nothing astounding.
Green, my eyes shine like emeralds,
While mom and dads show depth in mahogany.
Nowhere near those earth tones,
My features stand out all alone.
A blessing or a curse to be so diverse?
My place in my family I must rehearse.
Never identified as belonging to those I love,
But always noticed beyond and above.
A blessing, I think, to stand out in a crowd,
That I might sing God's praise far and loud.

Now, I have never felt at all that I did not fit into my family but it did seem like a good topic for a poem. It is interesting though that I am the only person in my family with my coloring. My brother has blue eyes but other than that everything is brown, then I show up on the scene (last because I am the youngest) and I have freckles and red hair and green eyes! I am one giant recessive gene! I rather like it! Thanks, family, for letting me stand out! I know you didn't do it on purpose but I still appreciate it. P.S. This poem is broken up into stanzas but for some reason blogspot is posting it without the spaces. Whatever.