Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Super Cool!

Katie MacDonald this is for you...

I think that you are wonderful and I love you a lot. I look terrible in this picture and I still posted it because I love you just that much and you are just that important to me!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008


Today is the first day of Fall. I love Fall. It is my favorite season by far. However, this year I am a little bit sad about it. Usually on the first day of Fall I would wear a comfy sweater and light my favorite candle. I would dring hot tea and read my favorite book with some lovely relaxing music playing in the background. This year is different. I am not in a place that feels the seasons. I cannot wear a sweater or drink hot tea because I would die. I cannot light my candle because the air conditioner blows out the flame when I place the candle in the only safe spot in my room. I have Michael Buble playing in my room but it is different without the soft Autumn breeze and the light murmer of campers. I may read but I am having trouble finding a fitting book for this moment because I couldn't bring my entire collection with me (I had to leave three large boxes of books at home :'( ) It is all different and very sad. I know that I am in the right place. I like school. I love learning. I enjoy the fact that I have taken the next step in my life. But today I am slightly morose.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Math Teacher is a Moron

So I am here at school and as you may have read above, my math teacher is a moron. Ok so he is probably really smart but he keeps making mistakes when demonstrating simple math for the class. I am continually correcting him. I have begun helping several of the student to make sense of the teachers nonsense. Oh well.

Other then math school is not so bad. I am taking an Old Testament Survey class. I was told that this class was very difficult but the teacher got married this summer and I think that he has gone soft because it has not been very challenging. It is a lot of reading but it is all interesting so I don't mind. I am taking a class called Christian Life and Witness. It is all about evangelism. The teacher had been leading Kids Evangelism Explosion (EE) for years so that is what he is using in teaching us. It is fun and silly and very easy. A class I do not really like is Elements of Bible Study. All it is, is pointless busy work. We do tons and tons of word studies in the Strong's Concordance which is fine but we are not really studying what we are researching so there is no real reason for the work. Oh well, easy A.

My fifth and final class is Written Communication. I have always hated writing. I could do it just fine but I found absolutely no enjoyment in it. The teacher for this class is Mrs. Voss. She is German and she loves english. Her passion and encouragement have made this particular class very enjoyable. I am finding pleasure in writing for the first time ever. Its kind of nice.

Other then class I am also the Student Body Treasurer. I was all but forced into this position and I resent it. However, I have decided that I will make the best of it and try to figure out what God is trying to teach me through it. I am not really loving this school as much as I had hoped. I enjoy learning and the people here are very nice but I do not feel that this small of a school really suits me. To quote Jane Austen I "find the society a little confined and unvarying." I will at least stick out this semester and maybe even the year but I will most likely transfer to a bigger school. We will see.

Well, that is me right now.