Monday, June 29, 2009

Freaking Summer

Summer is always crazy. It is less crazy for me this summer because I am working in the office instead of being a boss in food service. Less responsibility means fewer hours and a little less stress. Also, I am not running all over camp all the time so I am far less physically exhausted. Highlights of my summer so far are my morning walks with Alex Tilley. We walk around the lake almost every morning and while I know that the exercise is good for me the thing about it that I really enjoy is the fun talks that Alex and I get to have. It is a pleasure getting to know Alex again now that we are older and I am not her boss. Another fun thing that has happened this summer is that the Lilley girls all came up to visit! They were here for Jessica Daniels bridal shower (which was fantastic) and it was amazing getting to see them and spend a little time with them! I look forward to getting to see all of them several more times throughout the summer. My mom and I went to Fresno last week and she paid for me to get acrylic nails (because I don't work in food service) and we saw UP. So freaking fun!!! I love my mom. And last but certainly not least, my dear sweet Katie Wood called me two days ago to inform me that she is ENGAGED!!! I am so excited for her and Justin and I am praying that their life together will continue to be a blessed one!!!! Well, that is all. That is my summer in a nutshell so far. I hope you are wonderful! Love Tiffany