Monday, November 24, 2008

Who Says You Have To Go East To Get Color?

This is the view outside my window this morning.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday Drives

I spent last weekend at Hume and drove back down to Fresno on Sunday afternoon. I decided to leave in the late afternoon so that I would still have a little bit of light for the drive since I new that it would be foggy. I was going to leave at four but a few different things happened and I ended up leaving about fifteen minutes early. Normally fifteen minutes wouldn't make much of a difference and definitely wouldn't be worth writing a blog about but this fifteen minutes changed everything. I think that God allowed my afternoon to be a little more rushed than I had anticipated in order to get me on the road earlier so that I could appreciate Him more fully. Because I left fifteen minutes early I was driving right as the sun was setting. I was driving down the mountain at the same rate as the suns light was descending. It had been snowing that morning when I woke up but now the clouds were beginning to break and making perfect mirrors for the sun to reflect its colorful light off of. I didn't get to see one sunset that night. I caught a different sunset at every level of the clouds as they broke and came together again to obscure the sun. It was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen in my life (which is saying something since I grew up at Hume where every day is gorgeous!).

This is not my sunset, just one I found online. My camera was dead but in the end I am glad that I didn't get a picture because the picture would never live up to the glory of the real thing.


Just a thought.

Friday, November 7, 2008

College Days

College Days is happening at my school right now. I feel bad trying to convince these people that this is the school for them when I am not even convinced that it is the school for me. I don't intend to stay here and yet I am being asked to tell other people that they will love it here. Its a lie... YOU PROBABLY WON'T LIKE IT HERE! I cannot say that. Maybe they will like it here. I hope they do. Now the question is... where do I belong? It obviously isn't here at this college. Is it at another college somewhere else? This is frustrating...where should I go and what should I do?