Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I moved to Fresno two days ago. I am here to attend California Christian College in order to get my AA in Christian Ministry. CCC is a VERY small college (about 25 students) and only 8 of us live on campus. I have a roommate. Her name is Mallory and she is a senior. So far we get along very well and I think that we will have a very good year together. I start classes tomorrow and I can't wait (mostly because there is nothing to do if you don't have class). I miss home already but not so much that I could cry. I am looking forward to my visit in a week and a half and many more visits after but I am content where I am and glad to be starting school finally. Here are some pictures of my new room.


I have been remiss in my posting this summer. It was a very busy summer. Here are some of the highlights... I was the boss lady of both Hume N Beans and it was wonderful. I was truely blessed with a fantastic staff and an even better boss. We did weekly movie nights and a very fun trip to Fresno. When I wasn't busy with work I was usually busy with Emma Lilley. She is getting married in 18 short days and there has been lots to do. There were two trips to Simi and a few fun weekends at Hume with Emma and both of her families. That is pretty much all for my summer. Nothing to exciting but still one of the best summers I remember!

Hume N Beans (Meadow Ranch)

I promised I would so here it is. A blog about HnB Meadow Ranch. It is a little later then I intended. Get over it. I love these girlies so much and miss them desperately.

This Is Jaqui, the lead and one of my absolutely favorite people in the whole wide world!

This is Mia and she is a NINJA!

This is Amanda. She is a lovely flirt.

All in all Meadow Beans was a very lovely place to be. I ofter found my salvation from Pondy Beans by stealing away to the Meadow. These ladies were wonderful to work with. Their hearts were great and I miss them all a lot.