Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Weekends

I have been busy every weekend since I started school and there is no indication that this busyness will slow down any time soon. It has been wonderful! I spent one weekend here in Fresno when I first moved and since then I have been up and down the mountain or, once, down to San Diego.

First, I had wonderful Country Fair weekend. It was wonderful because my mom was the boss of getting all of the ladies in camp to make baked goods. It was crazy the night before the fair as all of the women pulled through and brought tons and tons of sweets to our house. In the morning when we took all of the snacks to the boutique I thought the gift shop ladies were going to have a heart attack. I don't think they were expecting so much. I was so excited for my moms success! Then Emma and Cody showed up! They weren't really planing on coming so it was a big surprise and treat to see them and spend the day with them. Last but not least, a pine cone fell out of a tree and hit me!!! It hit the back of my head pulling some of my hair out and then hit my shoulder. I had a big bruise!

The following weekend I went to San Diego to see my darling Katie Wood! I took the train which is one of my all time favorite things to do! I met an old Japanese woman at the train station before I left. We talked for a long time before my train arrived. She told me all about her family and meeting her (red headed) American husband during WWII when he was stationed in Japan! After this I sat with an old man who ignored me and tried very hard to make sure our arms did not touch (very funny). On the last leg of my journey south I was in a section of the train that seated four people and can I just say that I don't think there are four more different people. The conversation we had was AMAZING! When I arrived in San Diego I had the pleasure of spending a much needed weekend with Katie doing what we do best, talking. While I was there we got to see Little Shop of Horrors which was great. The weekend ended to soon as always and I had a quiet ride back to Fresno.

This past weekend I went to Hume and finally worked (I have been slacking). I feel like I never have enough time when I am home. I always feel like someone gets neglected because I just don't have enough of me. I wonder if I could design a me robot so I could be in two places at once.... Anyway, I loved seeing several friends and having some great conversations while also making a little money (very little) and spending some time with my family. It was a long weekend and not at all restful but that is ok. Oh, and I signed up for the Michael Buble fan club which I know is lame but at his next concert I will have better seats than you. ;-)

This wonderful weekend that is coming up is going to be one of the most fantastic weekends of all times. Emma is coming and we are going to watch all of season 5 of Grey's Anatomy and eat lots and lots. We will be lazy the whole time except when we dress up on Saturday evening to take Katie out to dinner. I cannot wait!

I feel like my life revolves around my weekends right now but really most of my life is spent here... at school. This is the pink and green room I was talking about. Isn't it great?