Sunday, February 28, 2010


The last 12 months have been the making of a huge year of change. I feel like I have not settled into most of these changes and maybe I never will. Not all has been bad but, of course, not all has been good (in my opinion).

God is in control. He knows what's best. He loves me.

I am probably the most blessed person in the whole wide world.
I have the best God.
I have the best home.
I have the best parents.
I have the best siblings.
I have the best friends.
I am surrounded by a huge community of love.
I have health and everything I need (and so much more).

I'm taking six classes this semester but I have more free time than I have any other semester. Weird, but perfectly timed.

I have a large handful of things that I am looking forward to.
Unite conference.
Family trip to SLO, Sac, or Magic Mountain (we still have to decide).
Graduation (AA).
Summer in SD?
Multnomah in the fall.

Life is so good and God is so good. He has not only provided for me at all times but He has gone above and beyond in every facet of my life. Last year was a year of change and God got me through. He is so faithful and I am so thankful.

Life is good.