Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday Drives

I spent last weekend at Hume and drove back down to Fresno on Sunday afternoon. I decided to leave in the late afternoon so that I would still have a little bit of light for the drive since I new that it would be foggy. I was going to leave at four but a few different things happened and I ended up leaving about fifteen minutes early. Normally fifteen minutes wouldn't make much of a difference and definitely wouldn't be worth writing a blog about but this fifteen minutes changed everything. I think that God allowed my afternoon to be a little more rushed than I had anticipated in order to get me on the road earlier so that I could appreciate Him more fully. Because I left fifteen minutes early I was driving right as the sun was setting. I was driving down the mountain at the same rate as the suns light was descending. It had been snowing that morning when I woke up but now the clouds were beginning to break and making perfect mirrors for the sun to reflect its colorful light off of. I didn't get to see one sunset that night. I caught a different sunset at every level of the clouds as they broke and came together again to obscure the sun. It was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen in my life (which is saying something since I grew up at Hume where every day is gorgeous!).

This is not my sunset, just one I found online. My camera was dead but in the end I am glad that I didn't get a picture because the picture would never live up to the glory of the real thing.

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