Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finding Joy in the Little Things (and the big things too)

As I was anticipating heading back to school I was finding myself very discontented. I do not like living in Fresno and as much as I enjoy learning I don't really have much love for this school. I had been struggling, trying to remind myself that I am doing this in order to be more effective (hopefully). I have been trying to remember how important prayer in and trying to foster determination to be a light this year at school. I met with Bunnie just before I left home and she challenged me to be in prayer more.

I headed down the mountain with my heart breaking (I love my family and my home) but determined to make the most of this year and come out of it with a broader and deeper understanding of God and who I am in him. As I drove the air turned from the cool refreshing mountain air to the oppressing thick valley air. I was feeling more and more sad and losing focus when all of a sudden I came around a corner and a cool breeze made the warm air feel welcome. The sun was reaching its orange glowing fingers through the trees and touching my hair as it whipped around my face in the wind. At that moment a song by Augustana that has a beautiful piano introduction came on. It was the perfect driving music. In that moment I saw the little thing that God was doing to make this transition less difficult. It was a perfect drive.

I am determined that this year is going to be wonderful. I will apply myself and come out changed for the better. I will lose focus but in those moments I am praying that God will remind me of my drive and all of the little blessings he has given me. That is my story, the thing I wanted to say.


Emma said...

Thats a wonderful thign to say :-)
I feel you compleatly. I know what its like to have life be in a place or stage that is less then ideal or comfortable. and I too find my joy in the small things. Like weekends with you <3 I know you hate fresno but cherish the time close to your family you never know how long it will last. and enjoy having Katie close by, sometimes your friends are to far away. and remember that God has you there for a reason! Im focusing more on prayer myself and I will continue to add you to those prayers :-) I love you ladie see you tomorrow

joe-c said...

Thanks for saying that!! I seriously miss seeing your beautiful face everyday. I wish you were here so we could have more afternoon office hang outs! But alas . . . you have to leave us and go to school and have an amazing year :-)

But at least you will still get to come visit on weekends! Hooray! We better hang out then! I won't let you get out of it ;-)