Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Facts About Me

- I always write in cursive because I think it is more acceptable for cursive to be illegible than it is for print

-I ache to travel, truly, physically ache

-I write papers on the day they are due about 90% of the time

-I feel like a wish on 11:11 should take a whole minute to make so I babble about the details of the wish in my head until 11:12

-I didn't know what to wish for on my birthday candles this year because my mom isn't so sick anymore and I don't remember ever wishing for anything other than her healing

-I tell people my favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice but it isn't

-I loved the color green before I found out it looks good on me

-I finally got tired of listening to Michael Buble all the time

-One of my favorite things about my favorite kind of cereal is that it looks healthy

-I have ear infections more often than not

-I'm allergic to strawberries

-I don't mean to smile all the time, it's just what my face naturally does

-I prefer driving alone over driving with others

-I draw, paint, write, and play piano but I don't show anybody because I don't think I'm very good at any of it

-I haven't owned more than two pairs of pants at a time for several years now

-I would choose a pen over a pencil any day

-My hair is actually curly, I straighten it almost every day


npetrikov said...

Don't take the name of "Pride and Prejudice" in vain! If you don't love it, read it and re-read it until you do.

annamae said...

So I really think it's unfair to not share what your favorite novel is after announcing that P&P isn't it. Do tell! :) and I am jealous of your faces natural smile. Mine is not that way. I have more of a natural scowl. Esp. when I'm tired, people think I'm mad. I totally agree with the cursive thing but I also think it's more girly and fun. And lastly, I think you should wear your hair curly more often. I wish mine had at least some wave to it.
those are my random thoughts on your random facts. :)