Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long Overdue...

But you're gonna have to keep waiting. I had an incredible time in Greece including the time I was invited to a Greek wedding, the time I saw lots of cool old stuff, the time I woke up to an incredible sunrise over the sea, the time I got eight bug bites on my face and when they healed, the time I had an allergic reaction to face paint. I want to tell you all of those stories and so many more but for now all I am going to say about Greece is that God is good (as always). Camp went off without a hitch and I have no doubt that lives were changed.

However, for now I thought it would be good to give a small update on my life and maybe write about Greece when I am a little more awake. When I got back from my extended trip to Greece (extended because of a volcano :-)) I only had a week left of classes and I was fretfully behind. I made it through and graduated with my Associates Degree in Christian Ministry on May 7th. It was a stressful couple of weeks but it ended in a super fun celebration.

The night of my graduation I found out that Multnomah discontinued my major and my fall plans were out the window. Since that night I have been waiting for summer and answers. It is exciting not having any set plans for the fall and knowing that the world is open to me. I intend to continue my education, I just have to figure out where. Super fun!

In these weeks between school and summer I have been working odd jobs around camp and spending lots of time with my family and friends. It has been really relaxing and rejuvenating. I needed these weeks before the summer craziness begins. Life is so good and God is faithful. I can't wait to tell you more about Greece and what God has for me next.

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~KtC~ said...

YOu finding out Multnomah cut your major the day you graduated, was like when I found out that I didn't get the internship the day I found out I was actually able to graduate. :) God is good, and these moments just remind us He is in control and we are not. I love that I am able to share these experiences with you and i love you! I can't wait to hear what happens for you next year!

<3 you!