Thursday, January 1, 2009

37 and 4 rats

This holiday season is swiftly coming to an end. Time to update my blog. The family is all home in a house that is not quite big enough for all five of us but we have still been having fun. On Christmas Eve we had a big Italian buffet. We invite everyone on the hill and make lots of food. This was our first time doing the party in this little house so we were a little nervous about fitting everybody in but it all worked out in the end. When I asked my dad to count how many people were here (because he is tall and can see over peoples heads) he told me there were 37 and 4 rats (rats being small children, you know like rugrats). It was very fun and very hot and very loud! The best part of this Christmas Eve tradition is that we do not clean anything up until the day after Christmas. We put the food away but other then that we do nothing. It was super fun time. I didn't get any pictures of the soiree but my siblings and I did take some silly picture before the party so here is one. I hope your Christmas was fantastic!!!

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