Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am the student body treasurer and at this school that means that I have to plan all of the fund raising events. So today I did a pie in the face event. All of the students voted on who they wanted to get a pie in the face last week and then today the people with the most votes were bid on and the highest bidder got to pie them in the face. I enjoyed it and we made $100 which isn't bad at a school that only has 25 students. My favorite was that one of our professors was pied. Pretty fun. And no Gabe was not the only student there I just like the picture of Professor Molter getting pied in the face and this was the only picture that I was in.


Emma said...

Oh now I know what your talking about! And way to go on raising money:-P heehee even more way to go on blogging so much!!!!

Emma said...

Happy Birthdya here too!