Sunday, February 1, 2009


Friday was my 21st birthday and it was fantastic! My birthday has always been a very large celebration in our family and among my friends. I have always had the biggest and best birthday celebrations and the festivities are always spread out over several days. I always feel so well loved during my birthday. This year as I was turning 21 my family wanted to do something really special so they asked me if I wanted to go to SLO to celebrate. SLO is one of my favorite places on earth and so I was all for it. The only time that this celebration would work for our whole family is over my spring break in March so the partying was to be postponed until then. My mom was going to pick me up in Fresno on Friday and bring me to Hume and we would have cake and that would be all for now. It was going to be quiet and small and I was choosing to be content with that. Then, Friday afternoon I recieve a phone call from my dear friend Katie Wood. Katie lives in San Diego. She asked me what my dorm # was and I thought that was quite a curious question. Then she informed me that there were some DVD's outside my door. I was very confused for about half a second and then I realized that she must be out there. I ran and opened the door and there she was, my darling friend who I had not seen for 7 or so months. It was a wonderful suprise. We drove up to Hume together and partied it up all weekend Hume style. I felt very loved and special (and I still get to go to SLO in March, I am so loved!)

p.s. my cake had bumble bees on it!

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katie.jean said...

i can't wait until i get my camera connected. i have the best laughing picture for you guys, of you all. it'll be great. i love you guys.