Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I read some blogs and the authors truly share their hearts. Other blogs are simply an overview of life. I can't decide what I want my blog to be. I feel like I would rather write the latter because it is easier but the truth is that the more honest a blogger is, the more I desire to read their thoughts. I want to be someone who others want to listen to. In order to be that person I have to say something worth listening to. The only thing in my life that is worth listening to is the truth of God's work in me. I am nothing and he is everything. I am a prideful and selfish person who takes so much for granted but the truth is that I am nothing without Christ in my life. I am a wretch who deserves to be eternally separated from God and yet he embraces me in the middle of my failings and makes me holy. These are just some random ideas I thought I would share on this drizzly night.

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Emma said...

those are wonderful things to listen to :-) I miss you sweet friend!