Sunday, March 29, 2009


It is springtime and I am feeling the need to travel. It has been way to long. I have been so blessed in my relatively short life to travel a great deal. Traveling has gotten into my blood and on days like today I long to go somewhere, anywhere.
Israel Spring '07
Mexico Fall '06Switzerland Spring '06France Spring '06Germany Spring '05

I don't care where I go. I just love the change. I love the lighting being so much brighter because the ground is the same color as the sun. I love when the clouds engulf the mountains surrounding me and I cannot see what lies beyond. I love the snow coming down in drifts and the roads being cobbled. I love seeing trees I have never seen before and animals I didn't even know existed. I love having all of the stories I have read come alive as I see the places that inspired the writer. I just love to travel. I hope I can again someday soon.


Emma said...

I dont crae where you go either but TAKE ME WITH YOU!

katie jean said...

i feel it too, someday when the planets align and i am able to convert a car to run on veggie oil we will find a couple weeks where we are free and go on a cheap/environmentally sane road trip to nowhere, letting the road take us 100 miles away. plus we can just take another route home. it'll be great.