Monday, March 23, 2009

A Very Long Spring Break

I have been on my spring break for the last week and a half and it has been long. It is a spring break I will never forget. It was so jam packed with big things that I am finding it difficult to digest it all. It started with Unite weekend at Hume. 25 students from my class came. It was incredible fun to see them all and such a blessing to be able to catch up with all of them and kind of renew all of those friendships that are so dear to my heart. It was exhausting to be running around on a continual emotional high for days but it was wonderful.
Once the Unite conference ended my family made our way over to San Louis Obispo. We where there for three days to celebrate my 21st birthday. We stayed in a hotel where there was TV (which has become a novelty in my family). We went miniature golfing and toured Hearst Castle (which will be my home someday). We ate out and ordered pizza in. I was a really fun and relaxing time for our whole family and such a blessing to all get to just be together and not running in and out to work. So fun!

We returned home on Wednesday and had a relaxing evening together. The following day Hume announced Jeff's resignation. There were lots of phone calls and many prayers. The following day the Lilley kids all made their way up to Hume and I spent the rest of the weekend dancing between their house and my own. It was all very emotionally taxing and it will continue to be for some time. Keep that family in your prayer! I was beginning to feel ill during this time and on Sunday it became a full blown horrible cold so I stayed home for one extra day still hanging with the Lilley's and trying to get better.I returned to school this morning and while I am glad to be back to a bit of normalcy I have no desire to be here. It was a week and a half of severe ups and downs but I would take those severe ups and downs with dear family and friends over this flat plain of school all by myself.


Emma said...

Aww love you girly and your almost finished and get to be at Hume all summer! Which wont be half as good as the Hume you used to know without my fam bam there but hey... youll make it through;-) teehee and I promise to come visit at least twice!

annamae said...

I love that family picture! :) it was nice to have you and your brother around, thanks.