Saturday, May 23, 2009

I am feeling overwhelmed and blessed. Content and concerned. My life is wonderful and not at all what I ever pictured. My God does that a lot I think. I am back at Hume for summer now. I am working in the office doing something entirely different from what I have been doing for years. I feel inept because I am not used to not knowing how to do my job. I have to remind myself that they do not expect me to have it all down perfectly in the first week and that I can take my time and ask lots of questions and nobody will mind. It is good.

I love being at home with all of my family here. We all keep separating, moving on, and then coming back home because being together is so much better than being apart. I love them. They are messy and quiet and silly and do a million things that drive me crazy but I would not trade them for anything. They are the best and a wonderful foundation in my life. It is good.

Almost all of my closest friends are married or on the threshold of marriage. I am really enjoying this part of my life with my friends. I love being excited with them as they step into this new part of their lives and having the opportunity to come along side them in prayer and love when their new lives are proving stressful and difficult. It is good.

I am feeling overwhelmed and blessed but in the end the blessed feeling far outweighs the overwhelmed feeling. No matter how stressful life get, God takes care of me. He has filled my life with the most wonderful things and this morning I am remembering to be truly thankful.

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annamae said...

I know you wrote this awhile ago but since I just now checked your blog I'm commenting anyway!
It is encouraging and warms my heart, so thanks for sharing yours.