Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Out

Thats right! I have my last final tomorrow and then I will be heading back to Hume for the summer. I kind of want to get out of her quickly tomorrow so I am packing up my car today. While in the process of packing I came upon my first really good "college story". I live on the second floor at the far end of the hall facing away from the parking lot. This means that I have the farthest trek to my car out of everyone in the school. This is only significant because it means that I leave my car all alone with the trunk open for significant periods of time as I walk to my room to grab another load. I had placed several boxes in my trunk and went up to my room to pack up a few more things (leaving my trunk open). While I was upstairs my roommate and I decided that we were thirst and should make a little trip to the gas station for some soda. As we were leaving (in her car) I remembered that I needed to close my trunk. I ran over quickly and pushed it closed from the back side of the lid, not bothering to even glance inside. As Mallory and I were pulling into the gas station I received a phone call from Jerred (another student) who said that he thought someone might be in my trunk. Jerred is a bit of a prankster so I thought he was just trying to get me to come out to my car so he could scare me. I informed him that there could not be anybody in my trunk because I had closed it. He said "Ahh, yes there could. I am in you trunk." I, of course, began laughing. Jerred had climbed into my trunk with the intent of scaring me when I brought out my next load. His plan had been thwarted, however, when I closed the trunk and left the school. We were only a few minutes away so we rushed back to let him out. He was entirely unharmed but I do not think that he will be climbing into any trunks again any time soon!
P.S. Here is my packed-upyness!

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