Friday, May 1, 2009

One more week

It has been an entire month since I last blogged. So April... at first when I was trying to remember what happened in April I couldn't think of anything and then I realized that lots of things happened in April. I counseled for the Jr. High Made conference at Hume and found out that I like working with Jr. Highers. I drove to Simi Valley and spent a long weekend with Emma and Cody, moving them into their temporary home and watching season 4 of Grey's Anatomy. I worked at Hume two weekends one of which was also my sisters 23rd birthday so we partied it up! I planted some little flowers in tiny pots in my window and they are actually growing (I didn't expect them to). My brother went to Israel (I realize that this is not something that I did but it was still significant to me). I finished up all of my classes for this semester, all I have left is finals. I registered for a summer class and for fall classes. I watched The Philadelphia Story with my mom (it is one of my favorites!). I helped my sister pick out her new pet bunny who's name is Rai. I don't think that I really did anything else that is worth writing on here but I suppose that this is enough for now. All in all it was a good month but I am glad that it is over. I am ready to have a week or two of not being quite so busy! I will try to be a little more diligent in my blogging but I am not making any promises.

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