Saturday, May 23, 2009

I am feeling overwhelmed and blessed. Content and concerned. My life is wonderful and not at all what I ever pictured. My God does that a lot I think. I am back at Hume for summer now. I am working in the office doing something entirely different from what I have been doing for years. I feel inept because I am not used to not knowing how to do my job. I have to remind myself that they do not expect me to have it all down perfectly in the first week and that I can take my time and ask lots of questions and nobody will mind. It is good.

I love being at home with all of my family here. We all keep separating, moving on, and then coming back home because being together is so much better than being apart. I love them. They are messy and quiet and silly and do a million things that drive me crazy but I would not trade them for anything. They are the best and a wonderful foundation in my life. It is good.

Almost all of my closest friends are married or on the threshold of marriage. I am really enjoying this part of my life with my friends. I love being excited with them as they step into this new part of their lives and having the opportunity to come along side them in prayer and love when their new lives are proving stressful and difficult. It is good.

I am feeling overwhelmed and blessed but in the end the blessed feeling far outweighs the overwhelmed feeling. No matter how stressful life get, God takes care of me. He has filled my life with the most wonderful things and this morning I am remembering to be truly thankful.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a Weird Day

That is all I can think to say about this day. It was a super crappy day with bookends of awesomeness. I had my last final this morning and it went absolutely perfectly (meaning that I got an A). Then I talked with both Katie and Emma on the phone and that was lovely. I finished packing up and my mom and sister came to get me for a movie before I headed up the hill. As we were walking through Wal Mart (where we stopped before the movie) I received a call from one of the girlies at school. She was sobbing. She had been accused by one of our teachers of plagiarizing a paper. I know for certain that she did not cheat so I dropped my mom and sister off at Taco Bell and I rushed back to school to try to talk with the teacher and set her straight (in a nice way). She had already left when I got there so I sent her an email and we will see what happens there. I am praying my heart out that everything turns out well!

After I did all of this, I went back to Taco Bell and my sister had received some very bad news. I am not going to share the news but suffice it to say, we were both crying. I because of the plagiarizing incident and my sister because of her bad news. We all decided that it would be best to just get up to Hume as fast as we could so the movie was out. We went to the grocery store (which was actually a pretty fun trip) and then we headed up the mountain. When we got here we unloaded the groceries and relaxed for a few minutes.

My brother is speaking for Outdoor Ed this week so I went over to the chapel to listen to him speak. I was very early and had some awesome and encouraging conversations with Evan and some old friends. Then there was some excellent worship and finally my brother took the stage. I may be a little biased but I really do think that he did a wonderful job. It was decision night which means he shared the Gospel message. Whenever I hear the Gospel I am always reminded of what Tim Holzel told us in Joshua (ever single week). He used to say that Christians need the Gospel preached into their lives every day because we forget. When he said this to us I thought it was a load of Bull S*** but now when I reflect back on it I realize that Tim was absolutely right. I need to hear about how much God loves me and be reminded that Christ died for me every single day! I really needed it tonight and I had the pleasure of hearing it from one of my very favorite people who I respect above almost anyone else.

So, it was a very long and bizzar day, but it is over now. God is good. He is in control, He knows what is best, and He loves me. How could I possibly ask for more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Out

Thats right! I have my last final tomorrow and then I will be heading back to Hume for the summer. I kind of want to get out of her quickly tomorrow so I am packing up my car today. While in the process of packing I came upon my first really good "college story". I live on the second floor at the far end of the hall facing away from the parking lot. This means that I have the farthest trek to my car out of everyone in the school. This is only significant because it means that I leave my car all alone with the trunk open for significant periods of time as I walk to my room to grab another load. I had placed several boxes in my trunk and went up to my room to pack up a few more things (leaving my trunk open). While I was upstairs my roommate and I decided that we were thirst and should make a little trip to the gas station for some soda. As we were leaving (in her car) I remembered that I needed to close my trunk. I ran over quickly and pushed it closed from the back side of the lid, not bothering to even glance inside. As Mallory and I were pulling into the gas station I received a phone call from Jerred (another student) who said that he thought someone might be in my trunk. Jerred is a bit of a prankster so I thought he was just trying to get me to come out to my car so he could scare me. I informed him that there could not be anybody in my trunk because I had closed it. He said "Ahh, yes there could. I am in you trunk." I, of course, began laughing. Jerred had climbed into my trunk with the intent of scaring me when I brought out my next load. His plan had been thwarted, however, when I closed the trunk and left the school. We were only a few minutes away so we rushed back to let him out. He was entirely unharmed but I do not think that he will be climbing into any trunks again any time soon!
P.S. Here is my packed-upyness!

Friday, May 1, 2009

One more week

It has been an entire month since I last blogged. So April... at first when I was trying to remember what happened in April I couldn't think of anything and then I realized that lots of things happened in April. I counseled for the Jr. High Made conference at Hume and found out that I like working with Jr. Highers. I drove to Simi Valley and spent a long weekend with Emma and Cody, moving them into their temporary home and watching season 4 of Grey's Anatomy. I worked at Hume two weekends one of which was also my sisters 23rd birthday so we partied it up! I planted some little flowers in tiny pots in my window and they are actually growing (I didn't expect them to). My brother went to Israel (I realize that this is not something that I did but it was still significant to me). I finished up all of my classes for this semester, all I have left is finals. I registered for a summer class and for fall classes. I watched The Philadelphia Story with my mom (it is one of my favorites!). I helped my sister pick out her new pet bunny who's name is Rai. I don't think that I really did anything else that is worth writing on here but I suppose that this is enough for now. All in all it was a good month but I am glad that it is over. I am ready to have a week or two of not being quite so busy! I will try to be a little more diligent in my blogging but I am not making any promises.